Monday, July 19, 2010


But I dont know what it is... Does someone know?
Took this photo last Saturday (last time to the Marsh)
Weather is kind of yo-yo here and me too.

Update about this flower or plant (July 23rd).
It's a shrub that's almost 4 feet high and I
found another smaller one close by.

A friend birder and photographer told me that few
years ago there was some kind of festivity at the
marsh and that lots of people came in and planted
lots of flowers and plants. And the friend told me
that she remembers someone that had planted a plant
similar to that.

The original plant died off but the seed must of
spread out and finally grew.

So the the plant is a decorative shrub and not a
wild variety.

As Janet (@JKissnHug on Twitter) I went through
the Quebec Wildflower site and the Canadian one
too (that was rough) and found nothing.

So now we have to look at shrubs, oh boy...

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cindyzlogic said...

Nice wildflower!...unusual!!

MikeyBoy50 said...

Thank you Cindy,
Unusual it is...
Still dont know what they are...
But I'll find out... some day.

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