Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back on the road (after almost a year)

Monsieur et madame Red, two at my new home.

Yep, we moved last summer and I would say for the better.
After 17 years in the same spot we finally made the move.

The new landlord's attitude made us decide quite fast.

Anyways we dont have the traffic noise, the downstairs
neigbor with his noisy little homemade motor bicycle.

Cant say it was'nt hard for me... it was hell. God forgive

I managed to publish a bit on the Website but did'nt
even take time to put any comments on the pictures.

(to be continued)


MoiCLouLou said...

Welcome back Michel! Contente de constater que tu es bien où tu es et que les oiseaux sont fréquents chez vous. Ces photos sont récentes? C'est juste que l'année 2013 est déjà passée! ;) Probablement juste une erreur de frappe ou d'inattention.
Bonne journée et au plaisir pour d'autres belles observations.

Michel Rondeau said...

Merci Louise,

Photos are really from this year and even this month. I just forgot to change the copyright notice from 2013 to 2014. Blame it on my ADD (shit).

Michel Rondeau said...

I changed the Copyright notice... :-)

Dona Patrick said...

How delightful to see you again!

Michel Rondeau said...

Hi and thanks Dona.

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