Monday, February 11, 2013

Eagle Branch

I did'nt say Eagle Tree  but Eagle Branch
If you look closely the Eagle is on the same
branch and those are different pictures,
taken 3 years apart, the first 2 in 2011
(not sure though). The one in the lower
left corner in 2012 and the lower right
corner in Feb. 2013.

All Photos where taken by Antoine my
friend from his property as you saw in the
other post below.

Strange or What?


Cindy said...

Very cool! Birds are creatures of habit. I went Eagle watching this weekend, along the Hudson River in NY. Saw five, but none close enough for shareable photos.. Such majestic birds!

Michel Rondeau said...

Hi and thanks Cindy,

Antoine who took all those picture told me today that
the bird is about 2 to 300 feet across the river where
he lives. Ya right in front of his house.

How lucky can you get :-)

Regards dear

Anonymous said...

I'm back! Saw 3 species on a casual day of birding. Here is the list of birds: Song Sparrow, Cardinal (male and female), and Northern Mockingbird. Also saw a butterbutt (Yellow-rumped Warbler in the front yard.

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