Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just can't post my Photo

Well, it just seems that Google does'nt want to post my photo (bird pic)
 and it's not the first time and I think i'm gona drop this whole blog thing after all.

I'm fed up... it's been going for months now and not just here... but on every multi-media shit.

They keep changing and changing and not getting really better, not at all ...

Ya! Seriously I'm really thinking of bailing out.. really!

I tried a few more times ... nothing wants to go up.

I'll be out of here on the first of the new year... Sorry friends

Have a Happy New Year All!   



Cindy said...

Yeah, they're "changing" again.. euphemism for "screwing it up" Wont post to Twitter now.. I'm hoping they'll work out the bugs.. Anyway.. Best in 2013!

dAwN said...

Well. What's happening? Have you reached your photo limit? They charge after the limit? I pay five dollars a year for xtrs storage. Try switching to Wordpress

Michel Rondeau said...

Hi Cindy and Dawn

Dawn thanks for that comment I didn't even know we had a limit. Well such is life... I guess. :-)

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