Monday, October 11, 2010

Bee on Flower and more

Couple of macro shots of a Bee,
Dan you inspired me... :-)

And could'nt keep from posting this one.
Went to the marsh this morning, did'nt
see the Kinglet, come home and there he
was, all over the place :-)

I tried to get a good shot all day...

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Chris said...

I dream about kinglet pictures all the day long. I've been trying this week end. I could hear them but I've seen none... Lucky you to have them around ;-) Beautiful macro shots you got!

MikeyBoy50 said...

Hi Chris,
Tell you what..
Was at the Marsh yesterday and did'nt see It,
came back home and there it was...
And today I saw it again...
Lucky I am.
But it wont last forever...
Winter is coming, getting colder by the day

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