Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tried an experiment at the lake

Tried a small experiment the last day I was at the lake.
I took my small Hummer feeder and attached it to my hat
to see if they'd come anyway. I never thought
they'd come. I had to wait a huge 2 minutes before
they came. I was amazed, breathless, wordless...

Daughter took the video I had to rotate it 90 degrees.
But it still good. It's amazing to hear and see them
from so close.


cindyzlogic said...

Gracious!! That was so COOL!! How wonderful for you!! They were really hungry!!

MikeyBoy50 said...

Thanks Cindy,
It was amazing as I said just to hear them and see them that close.

This is a must for Hummer freaks like me :)

waxwing said...

Very, very cool! I'm envious. I've not seen a hummingbird feeder like that. This year we didn't put any up -- but did buy some tubular red flowers that they like -- but not nearly like that!

MikeyBoy50 said...

Thanks for checking out, waxwing
LOL, AND you'll never find one like it either.
The base feeder itself was bought at Wallmart,
and they still sell them.

But the flower and hummer holder is my invention.
It was originally made to hold the golf tee (my 2008 project) then in 2009 I emptied a golf ball and glued it to the tee.

If you have'nt seen the pictures go to my website and check out the pics use this link
and check out all the years, start at 2008
you see "ProjetTee" and in 2009 "ProjetBDG"
You'll understand after that.

And 2010 is still to come (surprise) :-)

Nature ID said...

This was a fun video. I still can't figure out your blog format. Thanks for your @twitter messages. I still don't understand how #FF works.

MikeyBoy50 said...

Thanks for the comment Nature ID,
Blog format, what do you mean?
As for #FF on Twitter just google
the word followfriday and after reading
a few articles you'll understand I'm sure

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